How many of your clients care about smart home technology?

New research from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) indicates that although most consumers (82 percent) don’t ask their real estate agents about smart home devices, they’re still interested in those devices.

According to the “Smart Homes and Realtors” 2016 report, the top three most important smart home tools for clients are smart locks (37 percent), lights (29 percent), and thermostats (26 percent).

The report also revealed cameras are only “somewhat important,” and that clients feel quite ambivalent about other gadgets, such as doorbells, smart appliances and voice control.

When it comes to functionality, Realtors reported clients overwhelmingly focus on items that improve their home’s safety (51 percent) and privacy (45 percent) while driving down costs (44 percent) and energy usage (42 percent).

Although clients are clear about what they’d like smart home tools to provide, 52 percent of Realtor clients aren’t familiar with the range of product options that could meet those safety, privacy and savings needs.

The next top issues clients have with smart home technology are security and privacy (36 percent), and overall costs (31 percent).